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Security TWENTY 16

Professional Security are entering their fourth year of events, and the format has stayed much the same from the start, apart from the inevitable tweaks, such as adding bacon butties for those visitors arriving early around 8.45am. The idea is that if you can only give part of a day to a Security Twenty 16 event, that’s fine; turn up, have a bite to eat, take a look around, then get on with your working day. If you can devote more time there is a morning of speakers from 9.30am, tea and something to eat in the morning break, and a buffet lunch, and in the breaks you can see what’s new from the exhibitors.

Hikvision Announces Integration with Control4 Smart Home Solutions

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision® USA Inc., the leading provider of innovative, award-winning video surveillance products and solutions in North America, has partnered with Control4, a leading provider of home automation and control systems, to bring cutting edge video surveillance technology to the Smart House market. Hikvision cameras are easily integrated with the Control4 smart home operating system, adding to a robust suite of features by which users can control and automate lighting, music, security and energy throughout the home.

Intense focus on R&D sets Hikvision apart

The meteoric rise of Hikvision as one of the world’s leading providers of video surveillance equipment would seem improbable given the company’s humble origins. Established in 2001 with staff of 30 people, Hikvision started out in the industry as a video compression card developer. Today, the company boasts one of the most complete video surveillance product portfolios on the planet and has over 14,500 employees around the globe. According to market research firm IHS, the company ranks as the top provider globally in every individual hardware-based equipment category for video surveillance and owns a 16.3 percent total market share in terms of revenue. When it comes to network cameras, Hikvision holds a nearly 19 percent global market share.

Rome Enhances Security Plan with GeoVision

GeoVision surveillance solution was deployed at Rome and the Vatican City in preparation for the Holy Jubilee celebration.

Hikvision Moves Up to Second Place on the A&S 2015 Security 50 Podium

November 19, 2015 Hikvision has jumped to the Number 2 position in the global security market with the announcement of A&S Magazine’s 2015 Security 50 Rankings. With a massive 57.5% leap in revenues, Hikvision’s elevation to the No.2 spot follows a rise to third place in 2014 from fourth place in 2013.

Hikvision Dual Lens Thermal Cameras

Safety and Reliable Detection for Critical Infrastructure – Hikvision Dual Lens Thermal Cameras

Facilities that house and process energy, oil, precious materials, telecommunications, and other critical infrastructure assets require continuous, reliable video surveillance. These sites need 24/7 protection regardless of poor lighting or weather conditions.

Hikvision Darkfighter Cameras Revolutionize Salford’s Nighttime Surveillance

When Salford City Council began upgrading its public space CCTV cameras with Hikvision’s Darkfighter models, video operatives reported some unusual results: they were suddenly able to see crystal clear night time images. Previously low-light surveillance images were murky and suspicious activity hard to make out. Now, armed with Darkfighter cameras from Hikvision, Salford’s control center is able to offer true 24/7 active monitoring while simultaneously reducing bandwidth requirements.

Time Lapse Camera

ezCCTV have a range of Time Lapse IP Cameras ideal for capturing images for creating a time lapse video.

CCTV Megapixel Guide

A megapixel is equal to one million pixels. Digital images are made up of thousands of these tiny, tile-like picture elements.

How to choose a CCTV Camera Lens?

This is a guide on choosing a CCTV Camera lens and some considerations that should be taken into account when doing so.

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