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Some Technical FAQs

1. Question: Black screen appears in monitoring picture, what’s the reason?

Check whether the video signal of video server is normal or not.

2. Question: What’s the possible reason of mosaic in monitoring picture?

Answer :
a. Please check the utilization ratio of system CPU. If the average value is more than 60%, then it indicates that too much thread are opened for the system, and the CPU is overload.
b. Please check the network bandwidth.

3. Question: Why does it fail to preview the picture?

Possible causes:
a. CCD camera is not power on or there is something wrong with video wire (or not well connected, loosened or broken),
b. Setting error of IP address and related channel number, or wrong protocol selection (at present do not support MCAST), please check “local setting”,
c. video server is shutdown or starting up, please use PING command of the operation system to check,

A Chinese terminal can be connected to Console port of the equipment. After diagnosis mode of the system set, you can see various promoting message of system running.
Email support@ezcctv.com for further information

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