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HikCentral - 5 Things To Know

HikCentral is a Central Management System (CMS) designed for managing distributed sites or a large grouping of cameras recording on Hikvision NVR's, DVR's and CVR's.

Searching for a new CMS solution? You may be expanding your network or looking for features on top of free software such as IVMS 4200. Here are 5 things you should know if you are considering HikCentral as an Option.

Hikvision DS-2TD2136-15

Now stocking the Hikvision DS-2TD2136-15

Netgenium’s IP Lockdown solution in Education

  The potential of a security breach at a school, college or university has become more prevalent in today’s society. This has led to the installation of many security systems such as CCTV, Access Control and Barriers to help protect staff, students and parents.

Have you seen the new PoC range from Hikvision?

Have you seen the new PoC range from Hikvision? 

Hikvision’s Power-over-Coax (PoC) feature radically simplifies installation, as one coaxial cable carries both the video signal and the power supply. This translates to reduced installation time, which also translates to a reduction in both installation and material costs! In addition, the Turbo HD 3.0 analog solution supports UTC for remote set-up and configuration and enables control of the OSD menu and PTZ control via coaxial cable, enabling faster camera installation and easier management.

Features include:


·        1080P Resolution

·        Improved EXIR 2.0 Infrared

·        Motorised Zoom on Varifocal Cameras

·        Wide Dynamic Range to help with difficult lighting conditions

·        Super Low Light Performance – 0.005 Lux over the old camera’s 0.01 Lux

·        *All Cameras can be powered via 12VDC or PoC*


·        200M Distance over coax cabling

·        H.265(+) Compression meaning less storage requirements and better remote viewing performance

·        Support HD-TVI / HD-CVI / AHD / CVBS / IP Camera

HCSA Training Course

We are excited to announce that we will now be delivering the ezCCTV HCSA training course. This is a one day course that focuses on both the basic and essential operation and maintenance of Hikvision security devices. It is designed to help you gain knowledge on the latest products and the recommended installation processes which will ensure that the on-going maintenance and technical issues are kept to a minimum.

Hikvision Plug and Play NVR – The Easy Route to IP!

Hikvision’s range of Plug and Play Network Video Recorders are a great way for traditional CCTV Installers to get into IP CCTV Technology.

IFSEC, Hikvision and More..!

What a month June was!

Between attending IFSEC alongside Hikvison, new product arrivals and welcoming the latest ezCCTV members onto the team we really don’t know where the time has gone.

Hikvision’s Third-Generation Turbo HD brings 4K Video to Analogue Systems

Now with higher video performance, increased compression efficiency, longer transmission distances and Power over Coax technology while retaining seamless compatibility with existing analogue and network IP cameras from most manufacturers.
CCTV users can now enjoy 5MP HDTVI and 4K video resolution while safeguarding their investment with existing cabling infrastructure. Hikvision is launching its third-generation analogue HD solution. Turbo HD 3.0 not only ensures higher video performance with up to 5MP HDTVI input and 4K video output but also supports latency-free 1080p HD video up to 800m and HD720p transmission up to 1200m over coaxial cable.

ezCCTV SMS Marketing

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New ezCCTV Hikvision Catalogue Coming Soon

Look out for our New Hikvision Catalogue coming very soon.  

This catalogue is packed with information, comparison tables, new and upcoming products.

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