Software Fails after a few hours, hangs on "Detecting D

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Software Fails after a few hours, hangs on "Detecting D

Postby Jonas Cord » Fri Sep 16, 2005 12:13 am

GV-800v2 in a P4 intel 850e mb, with 1 gig of 1066 rambus. XP pro. software version 5.4

This system has been running rock solid for over two years. Customer had me upgrade the archive storage from 400gig to 1000gig a month ago. At this time, I added a pci highpoint ide card, (because this mb did not have the built in raid/ide).

The problems soon started. The customer said that the machine had reboot itself overnight, for three days in a row. This was a big problem, since the IT guy put a control/alt/delete login for that machine!....So a reboot takes the box down until someone logs into it! These rebooting problems were corrected, (they were related to the highpoint controller, and were showing up as errors in the xp system log). Fixed these drive problems, and the system ran without fault for 14 days. (I also had to disable "reboot on system error" and unplug the watchdog relay, because the IT guy insisted on the login with password on startup). I checked the error log at day 12, and there were no system or application errors.

Now here is the new problem:

This problem happens sometimes every two to 12 hours. When the customer checks the DVR monitor, the main system screen showing the cameras is gone, and in it's place, is the initial startup screen that has the blue box with the woman's eye, at the bottom of this box are the words:

"detecting DSP..."

You can move the mouse, (it's an hour glass at this point). If you control/alt/delete you can bring up the task manager, but you can't do anything with it. You have to hit the power button to restart the box.

Here's something else of note: On reboot, the system starts up just as it should. If you check the last video archive, let's say it was at 10am, then check the error log, there might still be an event at say 1pm, (network error from not being able to find the syncro clock server, or something). Point is, window XP wasn't completely locked up, because it could still write to the error log, two or three hours after the geovision main system software crashed.

I uninstalled the drivers, and the software, and reinstalled. Ran repair database log, Updated directX.....

Customer called back the next day: Same problem. This is a big problem, because this customer is a three hour round trip drive away!

Because I didn't know what else to do, I installed a very large copper cpu cooler, along with some arctic silver paste, (after cleaning the cpu with iso). Three years ago I had a strange problem like this, and it turned out to be the cpu overheating.

This didn't solve the problem either. Customer called be this afternoon, same startup screen is appearing.

I had installed the intel active monitor yesterday, after installing the beefy cpu cooler, and I watched it for quite a while. The voltages were all steady, (there is a 500 watt antec ps in this 4u rack mount box), the temps were all quite low as well. The case has hard drive fans, and even two 80mm fans on the center rails that are blowing on the geovision card, and the memory slots.

I'm at wits end! The only thing I can think to do tomorrow is reformat the system drive.

Has ANYONE run into a problem such as this? I scoured the forums here, but could only find the "keypro not found" issue. Maybe, in a way this is related....maybe xp is losing the driver WHILE the main system is running?

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I do not have the dsp add on card. Never have had it either. It has always said, "detecting dsp" on startup, then goes on with the show.

Thank you in advance!
Jonas Cord
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