Surveillance Card

DVR Surveillance Cards

The GeoVision DVR Card solution is the most advanced surveillance capture card in the world. Employing the most advanced MPEG4 and H.264 digital video compression techniques to provide amazing picture quality and performance. The PCI Express Surveillance Card ranges from the entry level GV600B to the GV5016.

All capture cards benefit from the same advanced software, so no matter your requirements you are guaranteed a state-of-the-art surveillance solution.

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Our range includes:

  • GV600B – 4-16 Channels PCI-Express Card
  • GV650B – 4-16 Channels PCI-Express Card
  • GV800B – 4-16 Channels PCI-Express Card
  • GV900A – 8-32 Channels PCI-Express Card
  • GV1120B – 16 Channels PCI-Express Cards
  • GV1240B – 16 Channels PCI-Express Cards
  • GV1480B – 16 Channels PCI-Express Cards
  • GV5016 – 16 Channels Compression Card

IP Camera Features

  • PCI-Express Card
  • 25-400FPS
  • 4-32 Channels
  • Audio

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