HD-SDI CCTV Solutions.

HD-SDI is a new technology in CCTV that offers High Definition 720 and 1080P resolution video over standard Coax cabling. These HD-SDI CCTV products are ideal for upgrading existing analogue CCTV Installations where higher resolution HD images and performance are required. ezCCTV have a range of HD-SDI Solutions including HD DVRs, HD Cameras and HD-SDI Adapters.

HD-SDI Solutions

Plug and Play HD CCTV

HD-SDI is an ideal solution for customers wishing to provide High Definition image quality with simple plug and play installation. Existing coaxial cabling can be used, meaning existing installations can easily be upgraded to benefit with the new HD CCTV technology.

HD Quality CCTV without latency
HD-SDI is ideal where image quality and zero latency are required (e.g. Banks/Casino/Government). With HD-SDI you can get Full HD 1080P Resolution which is equivalent to 2.1 MegaPixels.

Long Distance HD-SDI
With the HD-SDI accessories, including HD-SDI repeater and HD-SDI to HDMI convertor, you can achieve longer distances.

What is HD-SDI?

  • 720P/1080P Resolution
  • Transmit over legacy Coax Cabling
  • Upgrade to HD

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