Geovision License Plate Recognition System uses advanced neural networks technology to capture vehicle license plates. The system is available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 lane real time systems. The GV-LPR system is an effective video security and parking monitoring solution that can enforce car park security and help monitor vehicle access.

Each ANPR system comes complete with hardware and artificial intelligence software engine, I/O Integration Kit to control barriers, gates, alarms systems and a database storage system for retrival and analysis of the captured license plates.

Recognition of license plates is performed either using the built in Motion Detection Engine or via IO trigger (e.g. sensor beams) meaning whenever a vehicle breaks the sensor beam, this instructs the system to capture the license plate and send an output to a gate or other IO device. The system can display the live video signal and Picture In Picture to view the last snapshot license plate the ANPR system has taken.

Our LPR and ANPR range Integrates with Gate Controllers, Infrared PIR Detectors, Alarms and Loop Detections Systems.

  • Real-time capturing of License Plates
  • Up to 99% Recognition Success
  • High Recognition Speed
  • Integrate into GeoVision DVR System
  • Additional Overview Camera
  • Unauthorized/Unrecognisable Vehicle Alarm
  • License Plate Database
  • JPEG format

4-Line Features

  • 1-8 Lane Capturing
  • Motion/Input Detection Software
  • Vehicle Database
  • Remote Query
  • Mobile LPR Solutions

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