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GeoVision is the market leader in Digital CCTV Solutions. If you are looking for the highest quality CCTV images, amazing performance, 3G Mobile Phone Remote View and Advanced Video Analysis, look no further.

GeoVision Inc. is a leading Digital Surveillance Manufacturer with a range of hardware and software technologies designed for the entire security marketplace. GeoVision are specialists in PC based and IP CCTV Technology with Video analysis features and Integration key to their success.

With a world class Research and Development team who carry many years of experience in digital surveillance system design and their easy-to-use software is one of the most popular and advanced in the industry. With such a team behind them you can always expect to see industry leading technology being produced and bought to market.

The GeoVision Range includes: IP Camera Range, Digital Surveillance Cards, Custom Built DVRs, Custom Built NVRs, Point of Sale, ANPR, & Access Control. One of the most popular products is undoubtedly the IP Camera range which boasts a wide variety of camera to choose from including Box, Dome, Bullet and PTZ IP Cameras.

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Why ezCCTV Choose GeoVision

ezCCTV are the UK importer for GeoVision hardware and software solutions. We have worked with GeoVision for over 10 years to provide a range of CCTV products ideal for any security installation.

GeoVision’s award winning software offers a multitude of features including advanced Video Analytics such as Object Counting, Face Detection, PTZ Auto Tracking and Crowd Detection.

All ezCCTV’s digital surveillance systems are powered by GeoVision software. Click here to view our GeoVison Software

GeoVision Digital Surveillance Solution

The Geovision digital CCTV solution provides state-of-the-art digital recording for up to 32 Analogue or IP Cameras. This advanced security solution can support analogue and IP Cameras to create either a Hybrid CCTV System or Pure IP NVR Solution.

Please see our Online Store to learn more about this powerful CCTV solution, its advanced remote view capabilities and far-reaching applications including Security Surveillance, IP NVR, Remote Monitoring, License Plate Recogntion, Access Control and EPOS Integration.

ezCCTV are the Official UK Distributor for GeoVision since 1999 and offer dedicated sales and support on all GeoVision hardware and software solutions. Click hereto view our Certificate.

GeoVision Digital Surveillance Solutions from ezCCTV

Geovision's Digital Surveillance Series has been designed with the user in mind. Based around PC Based technology Geovision's Surveillance System can be used on up to 32 analogue or IP cameras. The Multicam system, from Geovision, uses built-in motion detect technology and can be set to record only moving objects.

The Geovision systems then store these with a date and time stamp. These CCTV images are compressed onto the PC's Hard Disk. Geovision CCTV images can then be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

GeoVision Hardware

The Geovision Digital CCTV system ranges from the entry-level 16 frames per second, Geovision Model GV600, to the flagship model GV1480 which provides 16 channel 400 frames per second recording, real time display and 16 channel audio recording. Two GeoVision cards can be used in one machine to provide a total of 32 Camera Recording.
To learn more about the GeoVision range, please click on the below.

  • Hardware Accessories: GeoVision Accessories include PTZ Control, Alarm Input/Output modules and EPOS Integration.
  • GeoVision DVR Cards: GeoVision DVR Cards range from 12FPS - 400FPS and offer up to 32 channel video & audio recording.
  • GeoVision IP Cameras: GeoVision IP Cameras include 1.3, 2, 3 and 4 Megapixel with a variety of models available.
  • GeoVision Access Control: GeoVision Access Control solutions include single and multi door, finger print and proximity readers.
GeoVison Software Solutions

The GeoVision Digital Surveillance solution offers more than camera surveillance. Other software solutions including Remote Monitoring and EPOS Integration are also available, making GeoVision the only surveillance solution you will ever need. 

  • GeoVison NVR: GeoVision NVR is an IP Camera software system without the need for a GV PCI Capture card. It is compatible with a variety of IP cameras including Axis, Mobotix, IQInvision, GeoVision, Sony, JVC & Panasonic.
  • Remote Monitoring: GeoVision's Remote Monitoring Solutions are designed for reliable remote viewing of digital surveillance cameras. Including 2 Way Audio, Remote PTZ Control and Remote I/O Activation.
  • Point of Sale: GeoVision's Point of Sale Solution allows any EPOS Till or Interface to integrate into the GeoVision System and overlay transaction information on the camera screen for later review.
  • Licence Plate Recognition: GeoVision's License Plate Recognition Solution is an additional software providing real time vehilce license plate recognition recording. The system is ideal for Barrier and Gate Control.

GeoVision Video Analytics

Video Analytics are an advanced digital surveillance solution designed to give real time alerts on a number of real life scenarios.

ezCCTV Video Analytics for CCTV offers a wide range of built in intelligent solutions designed to alert you of situations such as Intruder Entry, Missing Objects and Suspicious Objects.

The advanced Surveillance Solutions from ezCCTV also include Face Detection, Image Quality Enhancer and Video Stabilization. Below is a table of the Video Analytics which are included in the GeoVision Software.

  • Face Detection
  • Face Mosaic
  • Face Counting
  • Face Masked Alarm
  • Defog
  • GV-Web Report
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Video Stabilization
  • Unattended Object Detection
  • Intelligent Search
  • Focus Change Alarm
  • Tampering Alarm
  • Fix Camera & PTZ Tracking
  • Visual Automation
  • Single PTZ Tracking
  • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
Webcam Remote View

We have an example Geovision webcam server from our Letchworth office.

To make it easier to use we have embedded the webcam server user interface into this webpage.

You will need to quickly install this small GeoVision ActiveX Plug In before you can see the video stream. Click here to download the GeoVision ActiveX Plug.

Click here to see our IP CCTV Demo

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