Geovision Remote View Webcam Server

Geovision Webcam ServerThe Geovision Digital Surveillance system has a wide range of remote view functionality, allowing users to view their cameras from anywhere in the world using 56K Modem, ISDN or Broadband.

The most powerful remote view solution is the Geovision Webcam Server. Below is a GeoVision Webcam Server example from our office.

Live Camera Demo

Advanced Feature Videos

Live Camera Demonstration with controllable PTZ camera and MegaPixel IP Cameras.

Demonstration Videos of some Video Analytics features of our digital surveillance systems

Instructions for connecting to our webcam demo

Geovision Webcam Server Guide

The Geovision Webcam Server is accessed using the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the Geovision GV System. Whenever you access the internet, your PC is assigned an IP address.

However, the Webcam Server requires your Geovision Surveillance system to have an "always-on" internet connection, namely ADSL / Broadband.

If you have a fixed IP address (i.e. one the always remains the same), you can enter this into the address bar of Internet Explorer and connect to your cameras. Quite often, you will have a
dynamic IP address (i.e. one that may change every day/week or whenever you connect to the Internet). Geovision has developed a software solution to cope with dynamic IP, Dynamic DNS which is included with every Geovision system.

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS will continually update a direct DNS address to point to your Geovision Webcam Server as the IP changes. This DNS address will be in the form:

[name of your choosing]

So if you registered your Geovision System using Dynamic DNS as webcamserver, you would access your Geovision system and view your cameras using Internet Explorer and entering the web address:

Geovision Remote Playback Server

As well as viewing live H264 / MPEG-4 streaming video of your Geovision system, it is also possible to view all the previously recorded footage via the Webcam Server's Remote Playback Server.

Geovision Remote Playback Server

the link to see a demonstration of the Remote Playback Server.

Log In using the following credentials:

User Name: user

Password: user